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Bogdan Vasile Harjoc

Graduated: 2007, Politechnic University of Bucharest
Research Topics: NGN Benchmarking, SOA
Activities: OpenIMSCore, SIPNuke


He received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Politechnic University of Bucharest in 2007, specializing in Compiler Theory and Operating Systems Design.

He joined the the NGNI competence center at Fraunhofer FOKUS in 2007 with the task of creating a benchmarking solution capable of determining the performance of the OpenIMSCore developed here. After the project was publicly released under the name "SIPNuke", he focused on implementing and improving the architecture of the NGN management platform created by NGNI.


The two primary directions of research that Bogdan is involved in are:

NGN Benchmarking: sipnuke.org

Having been the subject of his graduation thesis, he researched NGN benchmarking in an incremental manner, meaning that significant effort was invested into taking the best traits of the state of the art in IMS (and network service) benchmarking, and making focused improvements in terms of scalability and performance.

A separate effort in the same research area was aimed at finding ways to improve the expressiveness and flexibility available to researchers, developers and quality assurers from the IMS and NGN communities.

NGN/SOA fault and performance management

As the adoption of NGN platforms is gradually changing their status from a research topic to a set of technologies implemented by operators worldwide, QoS is no longer an asset, but a requirement.

Joining a small group within the NGNI center at FOKUS, Bogdan is investigating ways of replacing the empirical and daunting efforts traditionally required for fault detection, notification and resolution, with an intelligent and automated solution based on user-definable policies.

The framework provides a centralized source of live information from any combination of measurable sources, including health data coming from active monitoring of IMS and SOA components in general, latency measurements, passive monitoring et cetera. Coupling these data sources with easily definable feedback mechanisms and outputting service reconfiguration commands -- that are more accurate and timely than what a human system administrator would be capable of -- is the group's current goal.

1. B. Harjoc, D. Vingarzan, T. Magedanz - "Gathering insight on the performance and interoperability of today's IMS platforms", April 2008.


B. Harjoc, T. Magedanz, D. Vingarzan - "Benchmarking Tool for the IP Multimedia Subsystem". Diploma Thesis, Politechnic University of Bucharest, Sept 2007

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