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Dr.-Ing. Adel Al-Hezmi



Dr. Adel Al-Hezmi holds an M.Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.) and a PhD (Dr.-Ing.) in electrical engineering from Technische Universität Berlin, Germany with specific emphasis on telecommunication networks.


Dr. Al-Hezmi received his PhD in May 2011 with his thesis on “Efficient Session-based Multimedia Content Delivery in Next Generation Networks”. He is now working as a solution architect at the Qatar University Wireless Innovations Center (QUWIC) in Qatar.

2008 – 2010: He was responsible for design aspects related to the NGN and the IMS infrastructure in a leading telecommunication operator in Saudi Arabia since 2008. 

2005 – 2008: He was a senior researcher at the Competence-Center "Next Generation Network Infrastructures" of Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication System (FOKUS), where he was leading the developments related to IMS based Triple Play, IPTV, mobile TV and interactive multimedia applications.

2004 – 2005: He worked on various projects in the area of Networking and Mobility in DiaLabor at Technische Universität Berlin. 

2003 – 2003: He worked as a developer participating in various projects on the Next Generation Network Infrastructure at Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS.

1999 – 2002: He worked as part-time position at Siemens ICM and was as developer in system test for IN platforms and UMTS. 

Research Objectives 

Today Telecom Operators are searching for ways to combine traditional telecommunication services with entertainment, messaging, interactivity and Web services accessible over heterogeneous wired or wireless access technologies and with different terminal capabilities with the target to enhance user experience, increase satisfaction, reduce churn and ultimately to improve revenues. Although, this rapid progress being made recently changes the way we consume multimedia content, the current growth in the demand for IP-based streaming applications shows that the evolution of Next Generation Network (NGN) will be largely driven by multimedia service delivery requirements. Adel Al-Hezmi is currently working on his dissertation which focuses mainly on efficient multimedia content delivery in Next Generation Network (NGN). The dissertation examines the highest level of abstraction in telecommunication architecture, where the interactions among components are capable of being realized in 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network. The work explores a junction on the frontiers of two research areas in IMS networks: multimedia applications and IMS core. However research in multimedia application has long been concerned with the improvement of software design and the development of new abstract interfaces, but has rarely been able to objectively evaluate the impact of various design choices on IMS session establishment. IMS, in contrast, is focused on the details of generic communication behavior between IMS nodes and improving the performance of the IMS core, often ignoring the fact that changing the interactions model of an IMS application and other IMS nodes can have more impact on performance than the communication protocol used for that interaction. My work is motivated by the desire to understand and evaluate the architectural design of real-time IMS-based multimedia applications through principled use of architectural constraints, thereby obtaining the functional, performance, and social properties desired of real-time IMS-based multimedia delivery network.In most of the classical IMS services the user and service provider – and probably the connectivity provider – are involved in the value chain and the related interfaces are already standardized between these players. However the value chain of a multimedia session (e.g. e-learning application or TV session) includes the content provider as a key player, which is not considered in the IMS standard. Furthermore, a multimedia session comprising live broadcast content often addresses thousands of participants that expose growth in the traffic and thus require more network resources and immediate reaction according to user action (e.g. session setup or update due to any change in user or network context). On the contrary, the traditional IMS service composes of few participants and less interactions.The IMS network uses several signaling and transport protocols each of which has several functions and related methods. If we understand the functions supported by each protocol, then its behaviors and corresponding impact on the network performance give us an understanding of the overall design's architectural properties. The specific needs of a multimedia application can then be matched against the properties of the design. Comparison becomes a relatively simple matter of identifying which architectural design satisfies the most desired requirements for that multimedia application. The objective of this research work is to study the current IMS-based delivery systems and corresponding content delivery approaches and to identify generalized content delivery functions with emphasis on efficiency and supporting interactivity and personalization as well as service openness. The resultant framework will be intent on the development of new mechanisms for session management between content provider, service provider, delivery system and consumer. This research work will be applied to enable provisioning of multimedia services over the IMS infrastructure deployed at Fraunhofer FOKUS testbed playgrounds.


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