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Dr.-Ing. Oliver Friedrich



Dr. Oliver Friedrich holds a M.Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.) in Computer Engineering and PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from Technische Universität Berlin, Germany with specific emphasis on telecommunication networks.
He received his diploma in 2006 working on 3G network capacity planning in cooperation with Vodafone Germany and Fraunhofer FOKUS.


From 2006 to September 2010 Oliver Friedrich was a senior research engineer and project manager at the Competence Center Future Applications and Media at Fraunhofer FOKUS.
He was leading Fraunhofer FOKUS activities on IPTV.
He is actively involved in the IPTV standardization process in the Open IPTV Forum and published several papers and articles in this context.
From April to July 2010 Oliver worked in Singapore for the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) as overall project manager and ambassador leading an industry consortium of ten member companies. In this context he was responsible for the OIPF’s contribution to a Proof-Of-Concept activity.
In October 2010 Oliver joined T-Systems International as senior project manager for broadband and entertainment solutions.


The Internet is continuously developing in the direction of becoming a platform for the delivery of video and entertainment services. In June 2011 Oliver received his PhD for the thesis " An Integrated, Interactive Application Environment for Session-Oriented IPTV Systems, Enabling Shared User Experiences".
Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services, including Video-on-Demand (VoD), Linear TV and corresponding interactive TV services are already part of nearly all current Internet service offerings. Due to consumers’ rising demands for Internet video portals like YouTube, which are not necessarily part of the operators’ edge networks, the entire Internet is currently heading towards an end-to-end media delivery platform.
Current IPTV offerings provide services already known from Digital TV. In addition to Linear TV and Video on Demand, a certain amount of interactivity using the IP back-channel is provided. What has been missing so far is an integrated approach combining the above mentioned common streaming services, interactivity, rich media communications and novel aspects of Social Networking.
Oliver is working on integrated approaches defining models and architectures in this context.
Herewith the consumer, as well as third party service providers will be enabled to create, manipulate and enhance services and interact with other consumers and services in the end. The author therefore proposes a novel session-oriented platform for IPTV. The platform therefore reuses concepts from session-oriented conversational services specified for Next Generation Networks (NGN) and the IP Multimedia Sub¬system (IMS), based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Furthermore Oliver works on so called Interactive Application Environments enabling services and applications in the before mentioned IPTV infrastructures.



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