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Dr. Tanja Zseby

Graduated: Electrical Engineering, Technical University Berlin
Dissertation (Dr.-Ing.): Statistical Sampling for Non-Intrusive Measurements in IP Networks, Technical University Berlin, Advisor: Prof. Adam Wolisz

Research Topics: Future Internet Technologies, Network Cooperation, Network Measurements, Network Security
Lectures at AV: Future Internet Technologies (Isis-Link)

Dr. Tanja Zseby is Competence Center Leader for Network Research at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, Berlin. With her group she works in various national and international research projects in the area of Future Internet research with focus on novel concepts for network protection and network management. She has many years of experience in the field of network measurements and traffic analysis for network security and quality assurance. Dr. Zseby is active in Internet standardization (IETF) since 2000 and co-author of six RFCs. She is part of the OneLab core team and leads the work on packet tracking in PlanetLab Europe. She is also a member of the German IPv6 council, member of the steering board of the German government-funded Future Internet Initiative G-Lab and project leader of the project G-Lab Deep.

Dr. Tanja Zseby also initiated the Future Internet Lab at Fraunhofer FOKUS. The Future Internet Lab collaborates with numerous international partners and other FOKUS-internal test beds, and cooperates strongly with the AV department at the Technical University of Berlin (Future Internet Lab

Recent Talks:

Tanja Zseby, Competition & Cooperation - How to Steer Internet Evolution. Future Internet Assembly (FIA) Valencia, April 2010. Online

Tanja Zseby. Touch FI - Future Internet Technologies Tutorial. IMS Workshop 09, Berlin. November 2009.

Tanja Zseby. Future Internet Technologies Tutorial. Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities (Tridentcom 2010), 18.-20. Mai 2010.

contribution to standardization:

Tanja Zseby, Maurizio Molina, Nick Duffield, Saverio Niccolini, Frederic Raspall. Sampling and Filtering Techniques for IP Packet Selection, RFC 5475, Standards Track, March 2009.

Tanja Zseby, Elisa Boschi, Nevil Brownlee, Benoit Claise. IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Applicability. RFC5472, Informational, March 2009.

Jürgen Quittek, Tanja Zseby, Benoit Claise, Sebastian Zander. Requirements for IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX). RFC 3917, Informational, October 2004.

Tanja Zseby, Sebastian Zander, Georg Carle. Policy-Based Accounting. RFC 3334, Experimental, October 2002.

Lorenzo Peluso, Tanja Zseby, Salvatore D'Antonio. Flow selection Techniques. Internet Draft draft-peluso-flowselection-tech-02.txt, work in progress, March 2009.

Elisa Boschi, Brian Trammell, Lutz Mark, Tanja Zseby. Exporting Type Information for IPFIX Information Elements, Internet Draft draft-ietf-ipfix-exporting-type-03.txt, work in progress, April 2009.

Brian Trammell, Elisa Boschi, Lutz Mark, Tanja Zseby, Arno Wagner. An IPFIX-Based File Format. Internet Draft draft-ietf-ipfix-file-03.txt, work in progress, October 2008.

Selected Publications:

Zseby, Tanja.Federation Challenges for Packet Tracking (NSF/FIRE Workshop on Federating Computing Resources. 2010, Princeton, NJ.

Zseby, Tanja; Hirsch, Thomas; Claise, Benoit. Packet Sampling for Flow Accounting: Challenges and Limitations. International Conference on Passive and Active Network Measurement (PAM '08), 2008, Cleveland, OH

Zseby, Tanja; Kleis, Michael; Hirsch, Thomas. Kooperationsstrategien für Netzwerkmanagement im Internet der Zukunft. Informatik-Spektrum, Vol.33 (2010), 2, 160-170

Zseby, Tanja; Kleis, Michael; Hirsch, Thomas. Self-Protecting Networks : how cooperation strategies can strengthen network security. Information technology, Vol.50 (2008), 6, 390-396

Zseby, T.; Spontaneous Virtual Networks. Targeting Situation Awareness: The Challenges of Traffic Observation. Workshop on Architectures, Services and Applications for the Next Generation Internet. 2008, Karlsruhe.

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