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ElasTest is a European project funded under the H2020 programme. It is being developed by a consortium of large industrial companies, SMEs, european academic institutions and research centers. The main objective of ElasTest is to improve the testing of complex systems by providing a cloud platform designed for helping developers to test and validate their Systems in the Large (SiL). A SiL is a large distributed system exposing services and applications which can potentially be based on complex architectures on heterogeneous environments. ElasTest follows three principles: instrumentation, test orchestration and test recommendation. The Technical University of Berlin is in charge of designing and implementing the ElasTest Platform Manager (EPM) that is the interface between the ElasTest testing components and the cloud infrastructure where ElasTest is deployed. Therefore, the Platform Manager have to abstract the cloud services so that ElasTest becomes fully agnostic. In addition, the IoT group provides services that are in charge of building a sensor, actuator and device impersonation as a service in order to allow tests against emulated sensors, actuator and smart devices. Furthermore, it os building a demonstrator for smart environment systems.


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