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The FITTING effort joins EU and national initiatives creating synergies and impact.

 FITTING brings together the major European testbed initiatives and flagship projects. These Carriers develop and federate experimental facilities within certain consortia, FITTING offers both access to these facilities for ICTLabs partners and bridges between the numerous infrastructure initiatives, creating synergies and standards across the separate reseach of differents Catalysts.

FITTING extends and eases the utilisation of existing testbeds across KIC nodes by providing access to a diversity of individual and soon federated very large scale wired and mobile wireless networks. Acknowledging that experimentally driven research supports innovation, FITTING offers

  • An open shared facility for testing new protocols, applications and services
  • A Playground for the design and evaluation of prototypes before going into the wild (“Real Internet”)

FIRE and KIC ICT Labs leverage the multiplier effect

  • Adapt and use existing FIRE tools to support Education and Innovation
  • FIRE Facilities benefit from the KIC visibility
  • Ensures sustainability when joining resources across KIC nodes
  • Mobility of faculty and engineers

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