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Flow Selection Techniques [23]

Peluso, Lorenzo and Zseby, Tanja and D'Antonio, Salvatore and Henke, Christian

IETF Internet-Draft - work in progress 2011

Download Bibtex Eintrag [24]

Enabling Future Internet Testbeds with Open Source Software [25]

Thanh, Tran Quang and Hassan, Ahmed Mohamed Medhat and Elmangoush, Asma and Carella, Giuseppe and Willner, Alexander and Covaci, Stefan and Magedanz, Thomas

25th European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2016) 2016

Download Bibtex Eintrag [26]

Functional Composition and its Challenges [27]

Siddiqui, Abbas and Khondoker, M. Rahamatullah and Reuther, Bernd and Henke, Christian and Backhaus, Helge and Müller, Paul

The first international workshop on Future Internet and Next Generation Networks (FINGNET 2011), to appear 2011

Download Bibtex Eintrag [28]

Monitoring as a Service for Mobile Cloud Environments [29]

Julius Mueller, Yahya Al-Hazmi, Thomas Magedanz et al.

Accepted at the ICCE. IEEE, 174-182. 2014

Download Bibtex Eintrag [30]

Design and implementation of a Carrier Grade Software Defined Telecommunication Switch and Controller [31]

Julius Mueller, Yuwen Chen, Benjamin Reichel, Valentin Vlad and Thomas Magedanz

Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), 2014 IEEE, 1-7. 2014

Download Bibtex Eintrag [32]

Investigating the Deployment of 5G Mobile Core Networks in an Experimental Cloud Computing Infrastructure [33]

Mwangama, J. and Ventura, N. and Hassan, Ahmed Mohamed Medhat

Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC) 2015 2015

Download Bibtex Eintrag [34]

SLA Management and Service Composition of Virtualized Applications in Mobile Networking Environments [35]

Giada Landi, Pedro Miguel Neves, Andy Admonds, Thijs Metsch, Julius Mueller and Paolo Secondo Crosta

, 1-8. 2014

Download Bibtex Eintrag [36]

NUBOMEDIA - The first open source PaaS for developing Multimedia Services [37]

Carella, Giuseppe and Pauls, Michael and Hassan, Ahmed Mohamed Medhat

IEEE NFV-SDN 2016 Demos 2016

Download Bibtex Eintrag [38]

Software-Defined Networks for Future Networks and Services [39]

Antonio Manzalini, David Soldani, Alex Galis, Julius Mueller, et al.

White Paper based on the IEEE Workshop SDN4FNS. IEEE. 2014

Download Bibtex Eintrag [40]

Orchestrating Service Function Chaining in Cloud Environments [41]

Hassan, Ahmed Mohamed Medhat and Thanh, Tran Quang and Covaci, Stefan and Carella, Giuseppe and Magedanz, Thomas

2016 IEEE Sixth International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE 2016) 2016

Download Bibtex Eintrag [42]

COMPREHENSIVE NFV/SDN SOLUTIONS are already available - Benefit from Future-Proof Solutions Today [43]

Thomas Magedanz, Marius Corici, Julius Mueller, Andreas Weber and Canio Cillis

www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/. 2014

Download Bibtex Eintrag [44]

Resilient Orchestration of Service Functions Chains in a NFV Environment [45]

Hassan, Ahmed Mohamed Medhat and Carella, Giuseppe and Monachesi, Marcello and Pauls, Michael and Corici, Marius and and Magedanz, Thomas

IEEE NFV-SDN 2016: Second IEEE International Workshop on Orchestration for Software Defined Infrastructures (O4SDI) 2016

Download Bibtex Eintrag [46]

Internet of Things A to Z: Technologies and Applications [47]

Qusay F. Hassan (Editor); Alexander Willner; Detlef Schoder; Jan Sliwa; Faisal Alsubaei; Abdullah Abuhussein; Sajjan Shiva: Daniel Happ; Akaa Agbaeze Eteng; Sharul Kamal Abdul Rahim; Chee Yen Leow; Manuel Meruje, Musa Gwani Samaila, Virginia N. L. Franqueira, Mário Marques Freire, and Pedro Ricardo Morais Inácio; Kai Jakobs; Marco Tiloca and Shahid Raza; Göran Pulkkis, Jonny Karlsson, and Magnus Westerlund; John Shu, Jason M. Rosenberg, Shambhu Upadhyaya, and Hejamadi Raghav Rao; Daniel Minoli and Benedict Occhiogrosso; Joseph Bugeja, Andreas Jacobsson, and Paul Davidsson;

|Internet of Things A to Z: Technologies and Applications|. Wiley-IEEE Press, 645. 2018

Download Bibtex Eintrag [48]

Scalable On-Demand Network Management Module for Software Defined Telecommunication Networks [49]

Julius Mueller, Andreas Wierz and Thomas Magedanz

Future Networks and Services (SDN4FNS), 2013 IEEE SDN for, 1-6. 2013

Download Bibtex Eintrag [50]

Part I: History and perspectives on the telecom standardized assets - 1. Network and Control Platforms [51]

Corici, M. and Mueller, J. and Vingarzan, D. and Magedanz, T.

Evolution of Telecommunication Services: The Convergence of Telecom and Internet: Technologies and Ecosystems. Bertin, E. and Crespi, N. and Magedanz, T., 339. 2013

Download Bibtex Eintrag [52]

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