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Requirements and specifications of interfaces architecture for interoperability between NRPS, GMPLS, Middleware
Zitatschlüssel Bert-Andree:2007
Autor Andree, Bert and Garcia Espin, Joan Antoni and Figuerola, Sergi and Hommes, Ferdinand and Sánchez, Angel and de Waal, Christian and Willner, Alexander
Jahr 2007
Nummer D1.1
Institution European IST Project PHOSPHORUS
Zusammenfassung This deliverable specifies a set of interfaces, methods and an architecture that will be implemented and demonstrated within the Phosphorus experimental activities that are going to be carried out within WP6. The document will focus its effort on defining the requirements needed to perform interoperability between different NRPS, and also between the standard GMPLS Control Plane and the middleware through the Network Service Plane.
Typ der Publikation Deliverable
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