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AAA Technologies for Optical Networks: Overview and Architecture selection
Zitatschl├╝ssel Cristea:2007a
Autor Cristea, Mihai Lucian and Demchenko, Yuri and Gommans, Leon and Haleplidis, Evangelos and Willner, Alexander
Jahr 2007
Nummer M4.1
Institution European IST Project PHOSPHORUS
Zusammenfassung This milestone WP4 report provides general and technical information about available concepts, standards and technologies in network and application access control with the special attention how these technologies can be used for on-demand network reservation and managing dynamic security services. The document provides a short overview of the major access control models and further discuss how they are implemented in major standard framework such as Generic AAA Authorisation Framework (GAAA-AuthZ), ISO and ITU-T Privilege Management Infrastructure (PMI), COPS, and OGSA Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI). Additionally, information is provided about two complimentary XML based standards SAML and XACML that support basic access control protocols, trust management and security related data exchange.
Typ der Publikation Deliverable
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