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A Survey on Network Security
Zitatschlüssel willner04aaa
Autor Hogrefe, Dieter and Soltwisch, Rene and Meyer, Fabian and Lessner, Dirk and Willner, Alexander and Neumann, Niklas
Jahr 2004
Adresse Göttingen
Nummer IFI-TB-2004–04
Monat apr
Institution Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Zusammenfassung This chapter is about the AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) framework and its different protocols. The survey begins with the obsolete protocols TACACS and XTACACS, followed by the currently used TACACS+ and RADIUS and ends with the new protocol DIAMETER. To complete the picture COPS is also mentioned. The several protocols will be compared to each other with their advantages and disadvantages and a little introduction about the idea behind AAA will be given.
Typ der Publikation Surveys (ISSN 1611-1044)
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