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Planning and report on functional tests, and protoype for NRPS, Grid GMPLS control plane and Middlewate interoperability
Zitatschlüssel Andree:2008a
Autor Andree, Bert and García Espin, Joan Antoni and Figuerola, Sergi and Sánchez, Angel and de Waal, Christian and Willner, Alexander
Jahr 2008
Nummer D1.6
Monat may
Institution European IST Project PHOSPHORUS
Zusammenfassung This deliverable describes setup, execution, and results of tests in the WP1 test network consisting of five interconnected domains, each of them controlled by a separate Network Resource Provisioning System (NRPS). Furthermore, possibilities for enabling reservations spanning Network Service Plane (NSP) based networks as well as G2MPLS based networks and their requirements are analysed.
Typ der Publikation Deliverable
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