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AAA Architectures for multi-domain optical networking scenario's
Zitatschl├╝ssel Mihai-Cristea:2007
Autor Cristea, Mihai Lucian and Demchenko, Yuri and Gommans, Leon and Willner, Alexander
Jahr 2007
Nummer D4.1
Monat nov
Institution European IST Project PHOSPHORUS
Zusammenfassung This deliverable describes the result of the development of the AAA Authorisation infrastructure for multidomain Optical Network Resources Provisioning (ONRP). The proposed architecture attempts to address key access control problems when integrating heterogeneous Network Resource Provisioning Systems (NRPS) being deployed in the different Phosphorus testbeds. The proposed architecture also targets to ensure future compatibility with the Grid and NREN access control solutions and infrastructures. This deliverable relies on the WP4 M4.1 milestone report that provides general and technical information about available concepts, standards and technologies in network and application access control with the special attention how these technologies can be used for on-demand network reservation and managing dynamic security services. The report summarises recent research and developments of the Generic AAA Authorisation framework (GAAA-AuthZ) to support Complex Resource Provisioning (CRP) and in particular focuses on the support of the major Phosphorus use cases. The document provides an overview of the WP1 NSP AAA/AuthZ issues and discusses how the GAAA-AuthZ can be implemented in the G.OUNI/G2MPLS (being developed in the WP2) to address GLIF UNI1.0 recommendations. The report provides general design recommendations and suggestions to the GAAA-AuthZ for ONRP which are used to compile an extensive list of detailed requirements to different components of the developed GAAA- AuthZ infrastructure and its initial implementation in the framework of the GAAA Toolkit. The proposed GAAA-AuthZ architecture identifies key functionalities to support multidomain ONRP and introduces a number of mechanisms and solutions to support them. The proposed architecture allows smooth integration with other AuthZ frameworks as currently used and developed by NREN and Grid communities. The report provides detailed technical information about current development and implementation of the Token Based Networking (TBN) and ForCES architecture which is being developed in cooperation between the University of Amsterdam and the University of Patras as a part of the WP4 activity. It is intended that this report will provide a technological and technical basis for adding AAA/AuthZ services to ONRP technologies and components being developed by other Phosphorus packages. Proposed GAAA-AuthZ solutions and current implementation in GAAA Toolkit can be used in basic network provisioning scenarios and frameworks such as NRPS and Grid GMPLS.
Typ der Publikation Deliverable
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