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Presentation: Applying Linked Data Paradigms for Regional Weather Data Reanalysis
Zitatschlüssel Figura2018bc
Autor Figura, Richard and Radtke, Norman and Willner, Alexander and Martin, Michael
Jahr 2018
Herausgeber on Regional Reanalysis (ISSR) 2018, International Symposium
Wie herausgegeben International Symposium on Regional Reanalysisx 2018, ISSR
Zusammenfassung “Data is the new oil”, this quote ascribed to Clive Humby most clearly describes the increasing impact of information on our society and economy. More and more data sets from various sources are published and used for different kinds of applications. Atmospheric reanalysis represents one of the richest and most valuable data sets for the open source community. However, transforming it into valuable information and linking it to other data sets is a challenge, especially for users from non-meteorological domains. In this presentation, we discuss the advantages of applying Linked (Open) Data principles to meteorological data in order to improve data acquisition for regional reanalysis (COSMO-REA2). By converting a COSMO-REA2 subset and linking it to further converted linked data, we illustrate how to gain much more knowledge using this approach. Different demonstrated scenarios, such as infrastructure planning for wind farming or transportation underline the advantage of this approach. Based on that, we argue that data in general and meteorological data in particular should be accessible by following the Linked Data paradigms.
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