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A solution for provisioning reliable M2M infrastructures using SDN and device management
Zitatschl├╝ssel Corici2015b
Autor Corici, Andreea Ancuta and Shrestha, Ranjan and Carella, Giuseppe and Elmangoush, Asma and Steinke, Ronald and Magedanz, Thomas
Buchtitel 2015 3rd International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT)
Seiten 81–86
Jahr 2015
ISBN 978-1-4799-7752-9
DOI 10.1109/ICoICT.2015.7231401
Monat may
Verlag IEEE
Zusammenfassung The current trend of running software components on top of virtual machines in cloud platforms is gaining more momentum as it reduces the deployment time and operational costs in comparison to running them on dedicated hardware. By providing elasticity through orchestration, this approach brings even more value taking advantage of the resources on peak times and saving energy when the load is not significant. However, such an approach brings some challenges due to the dynamic instantiation of new service components: it is necessary to always announce clients changes in the backend infrastructure. In this paper, we propose a solution for dynamically communicating parameters provisioning between M2M endpoints using a device management protocol. Two device management protocols were compared and OMA LWM2M was chosen for its energy efficiency. The proposed solution is based on the OpenMTC toolkit and enables safe and reliable communication establishment from one M2M endpoint to another one elastically deployed in the cloud.
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