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"Building Blocks for a Secure Real-Time Communication and Computing Infrastructure for Industry 4.0"
Zitatschlüssel Alexander Willner 2018-5
Autor Erich Zielinski; Felix Beierle; Deutsche Telekom AG; Knut Drachsler; Bernd Holfeld; Harald Klaus; Mathias Mormul; Andreas Müller; Karoline Saatkamp; Christian Schellenberger; Julius Schulz-Zander; Slawomir Stanczak; Edwin Sutedjo; Matthias Wieland; Alexander Willner; Florian Zeiger; Marc Zimmermann;
Jahr 2018
Journal “Industrial Communication for Factories” (IC4F)"
Zusammenfassung 33327.ABOUT IC4FThe flagship project “Industrial Communication for Factories” (IC4F) aims to develop secure, robust, and real-time commu-nication solutions for the manufacturing industry. Throughout the project, the IC4F partners develop building blocks for a trusted industrial communication and computing infrastruc-ture based on an open cross-domain architecture that allows modular expansion for new applications and communication technologies. Key technologies include 5G, multi-access edge computing, cloud computing, virtualization, and industrial monitoring and analytics. The building blocks are designed to enable users to select the appropriate ICT tech-nologies, according to the new Industry 4.0 requirements and the specific migration approach.The IC4F reference architecture will provide a validated approach for defining Industry 4.0 communication systems in a variety of factory ecosystems. Accordingly, IC4F involves relevant stakeholders along the value chain and brings together the expertise from different specialist disciplines. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).
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