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Experimental plane - Experiment Controllers
Zitatschl├╝ssel Quereilhac2012
Autor Quereilhac, Alina and Willner, Alexander and Al-Hazmi, Yahya and Tranoris, Christos and Becue, Pieter and Sercu, Vincent and Auge, Jordan and Rakotoarivelo, Thierry and Gulyas, Andras and Biczok, Gergely and Chrysa, Papagianni
Jahr 2012
Institution European FP7 Project OpenLabs
Zusammenfassung This document describes different experiment control frameworks currently under de- velopment on the context of the OpenLab project, and provides a global view of the interactions with other OpenLab components. It presents two experiment use cases that will be conducted as part of OpenLab to evaluate the feasibility and the usefulness of the tools and infrastructure under development. Finally, based on the requirements de- rived from these use cases and from the objective of improving interoperability of partner testbeds at the experimental plane, it describes the current and planned extensions to the experiment control frameworks.
Typ der Publikation Deliverable
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