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Application of the Fog computing paradigm to Smart Factories and cyber-physical systems [11]

de Brito, M.S. and Hoque, Saiful and Steinke, Ronald and Willner, Alexander and Magedanz, Thomas

Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies. Wiley, e3184. 2017

Download Bibtex entry [12]

Edge Computing – Technology trends and future markets [13]

IndustryAgents GmbH

The Quintessence 2020

Download Bibtex entry [14]


Das Internet der Dinge und Maschine-zu- Maschine-Kommunikation als Rückgrat für Smart Citys [15]

Magedanz, Thomas and Steinke, Ronald and Weber, Andreas and Willner, Alexander

OBJEKTspektrum, 13––17. 2014

Download Bibtex entry [16]


Weit verteilt [17]

Willner, Alexander

iX, 50–55. 2019

Download Bibtex entry [18]


Interview: Das Netz der Dinge erobert die Industrie [19]

Willner, Alexander

IT Director 2019

Download Bibtex entry [20]

Towards a Reference Architecture Model for Industrial Edge Computing [21]

Willner, Alexander and Gowtham, Varun

IEEE Communications Standards Magazine, 1–10. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [22]

Towards a Reference Architecture Model for Industrial Edge Computing [23]

Willner, Alexander and Gowtham, Varun

IEEE Communications Standards Magazine 2020

Download Bibtex entry [24]


Using Semantic Web Technologies to Query and Manage Information within Federated Cyber-Infrastructures [25]

Willner, Alexander and Giatili, Mary and Grosso, Paola and Papagianni, Chrysa and Morsey, Mohamed and Baldine, Ilya

Data (MDPI) 2017

Download Bibtex entry [26]


Edge Computing in der Produktion [27]

Willner, Alexander

Computer&AUTOMATION Sonderheft TSN & OPC UA 2019

Download Bibtex entry [28]


Cloud-Computing bekommt Gesellschaft [29]

Willner, Alexander

Berliner Wirtschaft (IHK), 56––58. 2020

Download Bibtex entry [30]


Edge und Cloud im Clinch [31]

Stumpp, Barbara and Willner, Alexander


Download Bibtex entry [32]

Standardization of Edge Configuration [33]

Rentschler, Markus and Rohrmus, Dominik and Loewen, Ulrich and Graf Gatterburg, Andreas and Vojanec, Bernd and Willner, Alexander

25th Annual Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA) 2020

Download Bibtex entry [34]

Semantic-based Management of Federated Infrastructures for Future Internet Experimentation [35]

Willner, Alexander

, 1–250. 2016 Technische Universität Berlin

Download Bibtex entry [36]

FanTaaStic: Sustainable Management of Future Internet Testbed Federations [37]

Willner, Alexander and Albrecht, Stephan and Covaci, Stefan and Schreiner, Florian and Magedanz, Thomas and Avéssta, Susanna and Fdida, Serge

6th International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet (ManFI). IEEE/IFIP. 2014

Download Bibtex entry [38]

Instant-Grid - A Toolkit for Demonstration, Test and Development of Grid-Infrastructure [39]

Boehme, Christian and Ehlers, Tim and Engelhardt, Jan and Félix, Andreas and Haan, Otto and Kálmán, Tibor and Schwardmann, Uwe and Sommerfeld, Dietmar and Willner, Alexander

German e-Science Conference. Max Planck Digital Library, 10. 2007

Download Bibtex entry [40]

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