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Edge Computing: A Comprehensive Survey of Current Initiatives and a Roadmap for a Sustainable Edge Computing Development
Citation key willner2019edgesustainability
Author Hamm, Andrea and Willner, Alexander and Schieferdecker, Ina
Year 2019
Address Potsdam
Journal 15th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik
Month dec
Abstract Edge Computing is a new distributed Cloud Computing paradigm in which computing and storage capabilities are pushed to the topological edge of a network. However, various standards and implementations are promoted by different initiatives. Lead by a reference architecture model for Edge Computing, current initiatives are analyzed by explorative content analysis. Providing two main contributions to the field, we present, first, how current initiatives are characterized, and second, a roadmap for sustainable Edge Computing relating three dimensions of sustainable development to four cross-concerns of Edge Computing. Findings show that most initiatives are internationally organized software development projects; important branches are currently telecom and industrial sectors; most addressed is the network virtualization layer. The roadmap reveals numerous chances and risks of Edge Computing related to sustainable development; such as the use of renewable energies, biases, new business models, increase and decrease of energy consumption, responsiveness, monitoring and traceability.
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