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Instant-Grid - A Toolkit for Demonstration, Test and Development of Grid-Infrastructure
Citation key willner06ig
Author Boehme, Christian and Ehlers, Tim and Engelhardt, Jan and Félix, Andreas and Haan, Otto and Kálmán, Tibor and Schwardmann, Uwe and Sommerfeld, Dietmar and Willner, Alexander
Title of Book German e-Science Conference
Pages 10
Year 2007
Address Baden-Baden, Germany
Month may
Publisher Max Planck Digital Library
Abstract Instant-Grid provides an environment for demonstration, test and development of grid applications. Using a Live-CD approach, cluster configuration and deployment of D-Grid compatible middleware is fully automated. The default installation of Instant-Grid results in a set of ready-to-use grid functionalities, which can be accessed in a beginner-friendly way via a web portal. It also includes a number of preconfigured applications, which demonstrate the uses and benefits of the grid.
Bibtex Type of Publication Magazine article
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