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Definition and development of the Network servie Plane and northbound interfaces development
Citation key Espin:2007a
Author García Espín, Joan Antoni and Figuerola, Sergi and Prins, Antoon and Savoie, Michel and de Waal, Christian and Willner, Alexander
Year 2007
Number D1.4
Month nov
Institution European IST Project PHOSPHORUS
Abstract This deliverable describes the Network Service Plane (NSP) and its interfaces, specifically its northbound interfaces towards a Meta- Scheduling System [MSS] or towards user client software. The NSP is responsible for coordinating the reservation of network resources that belong to different administrative domains which are managed by different Network Resource Provisioning Systems (NRPSs). This deliverable specifies the reservation interface used for multidomain reservation management and the administrative topology interface used to manage the participating domains and the interdomain topology of the network. It describes the different system modules, and describes the functionality of the system as a whole by explaining the sequence of actions taken for different common workflows.
Bibtex Type of Publication Deliverable
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