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Interoperability with GÉANT2 JRA3 and other related projects
Citation key Espin:2009
Author García Espin, Joan Antoni and Riera, Jordi Ferrer and Willner, Alexander
Year 2009
Number D1.9
Institution European IST Project PHOSPHORUS
Abstract This deliverable presents the results of several collaboration lines initiated by WP1 partners. Mainly, cooperation with JRA3 from GÉANT2 and IDC from Internet2/DICE, and Phosphorus/Harmony partners contribution to standardization and other bodies such as the Open Grid Forum and the Glif community are described. Finally, collaboration with HSVO/SAVOIR project initiatives from the United States are presented, where the Harmony system has been enabled to interwork with the health systems from HSVO organisations.
Bibtex Type of Publication Deliverable
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