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ARGON: Reservation in Grid-enabled Networks
Citation key Argon:2008
Author Pilz, Markus and Barz, Christoph and Bornhauser, Uli and Martini, Peter and de Waal, Christian and Willner, Alexander
Title of Book 1. DFN-Forum on Communication Technologies
Pages 75––84
Year 2008
Address Kaiserslautern, Germany
Number 130
Month may
Publisher Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI)
Abstract Grid computing offers heterogeneous and distributed resources to scientific communities. Apparently, networks connecting these resources can also be considered as Grid resources. This paper presents ARGON, a system that integrates metro and wide area networks into Grid environments by providing advance reservations and guaranteed network services. Here, single-domain as well as multidomain network environments are considered. A major objective is to support metaschedulers in the planning of workflows for e-science applications with demanding network requirements.
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