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Evolutionary future internet service platforms enabling seamless cross layer interoperability
Citation key 5733228
Author Lange, Lajos and Magedanz, Thomas and Mueller, Julius and Nehls, Daniel and Vingarzan, Dragos
Title of Book Internet Communications (BCFIC Riga), 2011 Baltic Congress on Future
Pages 1-6
Year 2011
ISBN 978-1-4244-8511-6
DOI 10.1109/BCFIC-RIGA.2011.5733228
Month February
Abstract The Future Internet is an initiative driven by the idea of restructuring the chaotic and unorganized Internet. Current service environments within the Internet are missing important capabilities like performance elasticity, scalability, reliability or seamless interoperability between service providers. The Internet has to become a more secure space enabling new approaches for Quality of Service and the service mobility to enhance the overall user experience. This paper is proposing a novel architecture to create network aware services. It refers to the existing standards of the next generation network technologies and specifies service environments. The elaborated architecture enables the mediation between network and service layer in order to maximize the capabilities of the connection. This cross layer approach combines the advantages of both layers like orchestration, discovery, context-aware routing or pure Quality of Service. The components of the architecture are presented in detail where a special focus lies on the Service Broker, which is key mediating component in this architecture. The paper concludes with an evaluation of a proof of concept prototypically implementation that illustrates the enhancement of the user experience by the idea of being x201C;Always Best Connected x201D;.
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