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Service To Network Orchestration
Citation key Care1506:Cross
Author Carella, Giuseppe and Yamada, Junnosuke and Blum, Niklas and Lueck, Christian and Kanamaru, Naoyoshi and Uchida, Naoki and Magedanz, Thomas
Title of Book IEEE ICC 2015 - Communications Software, Services and Multimedia Applications Symposium (ICC'15 (10) CSSMA)
Year 2015
Address London, United Kingdom
Month jun
Abstract Networking and software design principles converge currently under the notions of Software-defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). This means that network services are not anymore static and manually configured, but they become flexible and in the end virtualized components. This convergence enables to dynamically orchestrate the network, to move network functions to the cloud and to direct and prioritize traffic intelligently. Applying cloud principles to network services configuration and management requires mechanisms as automation, virtualization and elasticity. Ultimately, network services may improve the customer experience for the final users requiring on-demand network resources. The in this paper presented Cross-Layer Orchestrator (CLO) establishes a tie between the Application and the Network Layer. Through the proposed Cross Layer API, the CLO provides an Interface for client and server side applications to reserve, alter and release Network resources. Our solution makes the network more dynamic by extending the orchestration functionalities not only to provide on demand provisioning of network services, but also network flows. In this way the network should be able to adapt accordingly to the requirements of the applications.
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