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Future Internet Testbeds & Tools


Have you ever attended a Chemistry class in school? Then you probably are familiar with with the concept of a wearing a white coat and safety goggles while performing an experiment that was discussed beforehand.

Research in the context of the Future Internet follows a similar line of action - although it's usually not necessary to wear protective clothes. In dedicated labs, so called testbeds, many different approaches are in the process of being developed. Since this particular research area is widely dispersed, starting with incremental evolutionary attempts onwards to complete revolutionary ideas for the Internet of the future any possible design is going to be considered. 

In order to evaluate new protocols and architectures, testbeds with a wide range of heterogeneous resources and variability in terms of size and complexity are needed. Since a single testbed can't offer every kind of resource, it is envisioned to interconnect all existing testbeds among each other. This would allow to perform Future Internet experiments in a world wide distributed fashion.

Our Research Area Future Internet Testbeds and Tools is focused on cross-domain resource and infrastructure federation mechanisms that allow connectivity and interworking of heterogeneous resources across boundaries of administrative domains.

Please also have a look at our summary slides (PDF) from the 2014 project/seminar kick-off.

Research Members



Tools & Testbeds & Initiatives



We develop FITeagle. FITeagle is an extensible and distributed open source experimentation and management framework for federated Future Internet testbeds.


IEEE Intercloud Testbed Project

We are part of the IEEE Intercloud Testbed Project. Its objective is to create a global lab to prove and improve the Intercloud technology and provide a springboard for the Intercloud to become a commercial reality. Organized under the IEEE Standards Association Industry Connections Program, and jointly sponsored by the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative, the IEEE Cloud Computing Standards Committee, and the IEEE Standards Association. The IEEE Cloud Computing Standards Committee is sponsoring the development of technical standards (including IEEE P2302) for cloud to cloud interoperability.



We are part of OneLab. Experimentally-driven research is key to success in exploring the possible futures of the Internet. The OneLab initiative provides an open, general-purpose, shared experimental facility, both large-scale and sustainable, which allows European industry and academia to innovate and assess the performance of their solutions. Based on the results of several different European and national projects, OneLab offers access to a range of  tools and testbeds including PlanetLab Europe, the NITOS wireless testbed, and other federated testbeds.



We are part of Open-Multinet. Instead of the one Internet, we will have a multitude of parallel networks, customized by you to include anything and anyone you wish - the multinet. The mechanisms to control the multinet are emerging in a demand-driven way, stemming from the needs of those who are developing and using the first experimental systems. This Open-Multinet forum has been created as a locus for community discussion and contributions to the evolution of these control mechanisms. The aim is to provide a common reference to serve as the basis for all those who wish to develop platforms and tools for the multinet.


Federation Playground

We run a federation playground. The Federation Playground is a laboratory for distributed Future Internet experimental research and development. It provides the possibility to evaluate several resource federation related technologies and to conduct experiments is this particular research area.



Within the context of Future Internet research activities, different approaches are in the process of being developed. Starting with incremental evolutionary attempts onwards to complete revolutionary ideas. We are offering lectures, seminars, projects, and thesis topics to graduated students aiming for their Master degree.


In the Future Internet Technologies lecture concepts and technologies of the Future Internet will be presented. Problems and Challenges of the current Internet will be analyzed and revolutionary as well as evolutionary approaches for the Future Internet will be discussed. The topics comprise alternatives to the current layered architecture, Autonomic Communication, innovative service architecture concepts, Future Internet testbeds, Federation, Measurement and Monitoring as well as IPv6.


The seminar Hot Topics in NGN & FIT gives students insights of selected hot research topics in the context of the Future Internet research  and extend their knowledge of the related FIT lecture in a theoretical way.

Student Projects

The NGN & FIT projects give students insights of selected hot research topics in the context of the Future Internet research and extend their knowledge of the related FIT lecture in a practical way. Students will work on state-of-the-art testbeds and toolkits like FITeagle


Ideally based on the experiences from a successfully completed seminar and project, we also offer master thesis topics (view all on a single page):



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