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5G and IIoT Project

Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz, Dr. Alexander Willner, Ronny Kreuch, Varun Gowtham

In this project already known topics from the modules „Offene Kommunikationssysteme“, “5th Generations Mobile Networks” and "Industrial Internet of Things" will be used in practice. For this, selected topics in the context of 5G, NFV, SDN, IoT, Service Composition, Web Mash Ups, Identity and Policy Management, Converged Instant Messaging, IP-TV, video streaming, Infrastructure as a Service, virtualization, Machine-2-Machine, Evolved Packet Core and IP Multimedia Subsystem will be treated in detail.

Graduates of this module are endued with competences in the following areas: services, protocols, and elements of infrastructures within classical wired and mobile circuit-switched telecommunication networks, Software-based networks or the Internet of Things. Furthermore, they learn to use this knowledge in practice and have the ability to accomplish development tasks in small groups, to document the procedures, and to present the results. They can independently perform the necessary literature research and develop own concepts.


Please check for new updates in ISIS.


Please note that the registration in ISIS won't be enough. A valid registration in QISPOS or directly at Prüfungsamt is mandatory.

In case you register on paper at Prüfungsamt, please bring the copy of your registration (yellow sheet) in our postbox (HFT 7) in Einsteinufer 25, before the end of the registration time.



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