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Open Theses

We do not offer a list of open thesis topics. Instead, we're developing interesting research questions jointly with our students in the core areas 5G, TSN, and Edge Computing. Generally, our discussions start by answering the following questions (this structure is already implemented in our paper template):

  1. Context: broadly, what is problem area, why is it interesting and important?
  2. Problem: what is problem we specifically consider, why is it hard? (e.g., why do naive approaches fail?)
  3. Existing Work: Survey past work relevant to this paper. Why hasn't it been solved before (related work)? Or, what's wrong with previous proposed solutions?
  4. Own approach: What are the key components of our approach and how does it differ to related work?
  5. Evaluation: What are the results and how have we validated them?
  6. Result: what is the scientific surplus value and outlook?

Based on this, the candidate has to write an exposé:

  1. Abstract (~6 sentences): see above
  2. Detailed first thoughts / results incl. references (~6 paragraphs, see above).
  3. Reflect this structure again in the ToC. Look at our thesis template for an example:

    1. Introduction (Background and Motivation), Problem Statement, Assumptions and Scope, Objectives and Contributions, Taxonomy, Methodology and Outline
    2. State of the Art
    3. Requirement Analysis
    4. Design and Specification of X
    5. Design and Specification of Y
    6. Implementation of Z
    7. Evaluation (Experimental, Performance, Observational Validation, Verification, Comparative Analysis)
    8. Summary and Further Work

  4. GANTT - with milestones and overall planned duration


Any sentence you are COPYING from somewhere else has to be marked explicitly as a CITATION in the text. Just adding a reference at the end of the work is not appropriate! The reader has to see what is your own work right at the first glance. In the end it is important that you are using your own words when describing problems, technologies, solutions, etc. Also the pictures describing your own work should be drawn by youself, only pictures from standards could be reused when probably referenced/cited.

Please see the links below for further information and the regulations with regard to plagiarism.

Merkblatt zum Umgang mit Plagiaten (PDF, 25,6 KB)

ETHzürich - Student portal - Plagiarism

Plagiarism and attempts to cheat have serious consequences for the students. 



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