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Dr.-Ing. Asma Elmangoush




Curriculum Vitae

Graduated: 2007, Higher Institute of Industry (HII)-Libya, M.Sc.

Asma Elmangoush received her Msc in Electronic and Computer Engineering form the Higher Institute of Industry (HII) -Libya, where she works as an Assistant Lecturer since 2007 responsible in teaching various courses (e.g Computer Networks, C++ Programmming). Also she is a member of the communication research group@ HII. She has been active in various projects within this group in NGN topics. Her research interests are Quality of Service and IMS. In addition she was a member of consulting team for the Misurata Free Zone (MFZ) Company, the team was responsible to and follow-up the project of building the communication networks and security system in MFZ. 

She has joined the team of Prof. Magedanz since October 2011.


For the last decades, we have witnessed new technological evolutions in the Internet, wireless networks, and sensors fields. Providing the ablity to build smart systems that improve quality of life and enhance environment management. However, most available smart systems are implemented based on proprietary hardware/software solutions, restricting interoperation, which is required for large-scale Smart City solutions. To enable the implementation of a general Smart City solution, a platform is needed to fulfill the communication requirements between heterogeneous access technologies. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication platforms will take the role of controlling the communication between all connected objects and systems, constructing the Internet of Things (IoT).
Currently Asma is member of the OpenMTC team at the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS competence center NGNI, devolping  a prototype implementation of an M2M middleware aiming to provide a standard-compliant platform for Smart City and M2M services.
She is implementing a Software development kit (SDK) for the OpenMTC toolkit, that make the core assets and service capabilities available to third party developers. The OpenMTC SDK consists of a set of high-level APIs which hide internal system details and allow the developer to concentrate on implementing functional M2M application logic.


On The Usage of Standardised M2M Platforms for Smart Energy Management
Zitatschlüssel Elmangoush2014
Autor Elmangoush, Asma and Steinke, Ronald and Al-Hezmi, Adel and Magedanz, Thomas
Buchtitel 28th International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN)
Seiten 79–84
Jahr 2014
ISBN 9781479936892
ISSN 19767684
DOI 10.1109/ICOIN.2014.6799669
Adresse Phuket
Monat feb
Verlag IEEE
Zusammenfassung The intention of the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication paradigm is to connect human and physical things related to different aspects in our daily life, in order to enable the development of Smart Cities. Recently, many initiatives emerged developing new solutions to achieve higher energy efficiency for buildings, better transportation management, and stronger Smart Grids. In this paper, we highlight our work in devolving a software reference implementation of the ETSI/oneM2M standards, which promote the research and development at academia and industry to rapidly realize proof-of-concept testbeds for Smart City, and demonstrate the interweaving with other platforms in the M2M communication and Smart Energy area.
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