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Stefan Harder


Graduated:  2012, Technical University Berlin, M.Sc.

Research: Federation of Future Internet Testbeds

Current projects
: OpenLab, Fed4FIRE


Curriculum Vitae

Stefan received his B.Sc. in computer science in 2007. While studying in the Master’s Program at the Technical University Berlin he joined the team of Prof. Magedanz in 2008 and became a student research assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) in the competence center Next Generation Network Infrastructures (NGNI).

In 2012 he received his M.Sc. in computer science with specific emphasis on communication based systems from the Technical University Berlin.

Since 2012 he is employed as a research associate at the Next Generation Networks (Architekturen der Vermittlungsknoten - AV) chair of the Technical University Berlin, where his main research topic is the Federation of Future Internet Testbeds. Currently he is working for the projects OpenLab and Fed4FIRE.


Stefan Harder
Marchstraße 23
10587 Berlin
Phone +49 30-314 25 636



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