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Tong Mao



Tong Mao holds a M.Sc in Communications Technology from Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Ulm University, Germany, with specific emphasis on wireless communication and computer networks.


After receiving 4 years education in communications engineering at Shandong University, China, Tong was recommended to Germany in 2007 for further study. During several years research, he developed strong interests in communications engineering and computer networks. These are also his strongest subjects and on which his master research is based. In November, 2009 he received his master’s degree, with thesis “Network Coding in the Internet Protocol Stack Based on MDS Codes”. In the same period he worked as a student assistant in machine vision team, Daimler AG, to develop an in-car system for traffic sign recognition. From October 2010 until April 2012 he worked in the team of Professor Magedanz as a postgraduate researcher.

Working Areas

1.    Machine to Machine communication/Internet of Things
2.    Future Internet technologies
3.    Prototype implementation of the 3GPP EPC


Ch. Senger, S. Schober, T. Mao and A. Zeh; “End–to–End Algebraic Network Coding for Wireless TCP/IP Networks”, 17th International Conference on Telecommunications, Doha, Qatar, Apr 4, 2010


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